• 2021/10/21
One of the most important working sections of SADAD CORPS is delivering supporting services for Information Technology, that are provided in various sections and with expanded profession level to its bank and non-bank customers. Supporting section generally performs the following activities:

·        Recognition and registration of event

·        The preliminary categorization and support

·        Investigation and recognition of event

·        Troubleshooting and event ending

·        Event ownership management, survey,following and communications

·        Event root cause finding (for Root-Cause analyses and prevention from emergence of the similar events)

On the one hand,for providing desirable supporting services, effective communication with customer is one the principles of SADAD activities. Relationship with customer is not possible just by establishing center and presence of personnel for responding and has many elegant cases concealed in it. Management of relationship with customer is all processes and technologies that are used in companies and organizations for recognition, encouraging, development, keeping and providing services to customers. Organizations can increase customer loyalty to have closer relations and enhancement of income by using CRM.  Management system for communication with customer can help us to keep the current customers and to attract new ones.Therefore, customers helping center is established to give information and responding to questions and problems of customers about the provided services by experienced experts and modern technologies. The major goals of establishment of this center are as follows:

* Supporting customers for troubleshooting of the probable problems

* Creating positive experience for customers in interaction with supporting section for troubleshooting

* Easy access to information without time and location restriction

SADAD CORPS COMMUNICATION CENTER through permanent communication with customers and gathering, registering and analysis of questions, critics and suggestions of customers, draws a real perspective about outlook and needs of customer for bank. Therefore, it will provide possibility of changing organization policy from product oriented policy to customer oriented policy.

Capability to create effective communication, proficiency in electronic payment tools, knowledge,and experience in information and bank software are of specifications of responding experts of this center, who are organized in the form of a Help Desk. Their main and summary activities are as follows:

*Performing affairs related to installation, leadership and control of correctness in service providing

*Recognition of the new needs of customers

*Supporting software systems

*Transferring customers needs to changes and optimization of the software systems

*Branches situation monitoring

*Execution of installation and startup operation equipment's for hardware equipment and software services

*Guiding customers for troubleshooting

*Following suggestions and complaints of customers and referring them to the related referrals


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