• 2021/10/22

Electronic payment includes providing financial services through fixed and wireless computer networks to economic institutes, people, and families. Per capita in crease of bank shopping cards in the past years, transferring customers transactions to out of branch and their implementation by using modern payment tools which decrease using physical money in commercial exchange circle and their related expenses have many other benefits like saving time for the related customers. Challenges of payment systems in different countries have led to necessity of existence of effective systems for coherent payment management considering suitable security structures and providing standards,rules and regulations and performing the required supervision for good implementation in the used payment model. Some of the benefits of using electronic payment services separated by audience are as follows:

  • For Card Holder
  • Using account inventory every time and every where
  • Time saving
  • Security and not needing to carry cash money
  • Access to internet banking
For Card Adopter:
    Security Decrease of referring to bank
  • Providing discipline and precision in accounting
  • Sale increase
  • Benefit of deposit account interest

For Bank:

  • Increase of bank power for funds management
  • Decrease of expense for bank services
  • Development of not in person bank services

SADAD INFORMATICS MODERN SERVICES CORPS as one of subgroup companies of the SADAD INFORMATICS HOLDING, by concentration on the domains related to electronic payment like Internet Payment Gate (IPG) and unstructured supplementary service data (USSD), holds the duty for organizing and establishment of the required technical infrastructures. Other services provided by this company by leaning upon its professional power are installation and startup of various Point of Sale (POS) devices in fixed, mobile, connected to system (PC_POS) and POS Printer forms. The benefits of using these POS of this company are their high-speed communication power. In addition, supporting Pin Pad devices existing in bank branches is of other services of this company. These devices are directly connected to bank network and all accelerated (SHETAB) operations are performed by them.
Services provided by SADAD INFORMATICS MODERN SERVICE CORPS are designed to execute secure electronic payments on internet channel to provide suitable bed for internet shopping and electronic shops for the customers of Iran Melli Bank.



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